tomhuthFORTY YEARS STONED is a marijuana-laced memoir that begins in the newsroom of the Washington Post during Watergate and ends in a recycled ghost town of aging hippies in the mountains of Colorado.

It’s a comedy (getting busted by the Border Patrol, getting Brokawed on the Today Show). It’s an adventure story (building a beach shack in Costa Rica, discovering Leif Eriksson’s birthplace in Iceland). But most of all it’s a love story, about my wife Holly’s eighteen-year struggle with the ravages of Parkinson’s disease and my evolution as her caregiver.

Marijuana will never lift this spell. Yet one puff on the pipe can often ease her discomforts and anxieties. And pot has been enormously generous to me by delivering untold thousands of sweet reprieves which give me the pizzazz, at 73, to go deep into extra innings with her.

I’m a veteran journalist. But FORTY YEARS STONED isn’t about the issues of marijuana. It’s about the experience of marijuana. It is a work of advocacy. It’s playful. It’s poignant. It’s young at heart. It’s a window into the secret lives of millions of Americans.

Potheads will read this for the fellowship and the rich depictions of the stoned state of mind. People who don’t indulge might be outraged at the idea that a daily doper can be a reliable caregiver. FORTY YEARS STONED is written for them, too.